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What book should I choose to read that has to have the following requirements?

I'm required to read a book and complete a two page review. But I don't know what book I should read, because I don't know any. I went to the public library but they don't help me. Idiots. Some books I read that are similar are like Anne Frank's Diary but it isn't in US & Farewell to Manzanar.


-Time between 1900 and 1991

-The character is telling what is happening around her like let's say she/he is in the time during the war or something.

-The setting is in the USA or has US involvement

-The book should be nonfiction & at least 200 pages long

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    I think that any thing having to do with the Holocaust/WWII would work because the U.S. was involved in that. Also, any autobiographies about the Great Depression or the Vietnam War would work as well.

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    All those requirements suck.. Instead of reading a book, you should write a 2 page review on those requirements, and why they suck.

  • A Womans Place by Lynn Austin


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    Black Boy by Richard Wright

    good story :)

    Source(s): reality.
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    the freedom writers

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