So I spoke to the hiring manager of McD's & she said she'd call me the 3rd week of August, what if she doesnt?

Because I was referred by the manager and last month they told me that I just missed the interviews and that they will be held the third week in August (this month)

So I called and told her that I spoke to her before and one of the managers referred me and she asked for my name and I'm assuming she wrote it down. :P

What happens if she doesn't call? & If I do get an interview at McDonalds are they pretty easy/basic/straight-forward?

LOL sorry for all the questions I just Really need a job right now! I was supposed to get one in the beginning of the summer... :(

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    don't trip the manager will call you, mcD's is all way hiring and if she doesn't call just give her a call, managers like it when you push for it, because it shows that you want the job and the questions in the interview are basic there just going to ask you questions like will you be on time and if we hire you will you work hard so its pretty straight forward and plus if you get hire on the days your working you get a free lunch haha good luck on the interview

    Source(s): i use to work there
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    Call on Monday the 17th and say you understood that there would be interviews that week and that you would like an opportunity to receive one.

    Fast food job interviews are not difficult. At the interview be enthusiastic and honest. They are looking for people who can handle stress, work with others and are dependable. Remember, the manager is looking for someone to represent the company and to make her job easier.

    Since "you need a job right now" I would also try to interview at other fast food places. Having multiple irons in the fire can lead to quicker employment and less stress on you.

    Good Luck!

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    Don't wait on her. Get out there and keeping looking for a job. There is no guarantee she will call or even hire you. You are on your own in looking for a job at this stage.

    Source(s): former business owner
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