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GOP got you running scared...?

You know...the ad's telling you your "rights" are going away as far as health care...were heading towards socialism(so let's not do anything except watch the exponential costs of medicine continue, so the major stockholders can continue sending their ill-gotten gains to off-shore accounts)

And Big-Pharmaceutical is our friend(have you seen that commercial too?).

Dr. Goebbels would be proud..."repeat a lie a thousand times, and it become the truth"

BTW, i have no party affiliation, as both make me want to vomit vehemently.

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    The only ones that the GOP is fooling are themselves. America's health care system is unfortunately nothing to be proud of.

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    Government rationed health care, record setting deficits with no end to the spending in site, a possible tax increase for the middle class, and cap and trade. Yes, I am scared. Medicare is supposed to go bankrupt by 2019, yet we are going to trust the government for a massive health overall (aka-Obamacare). Tort reform would help lower medical costs, yet Obama is against. Take off the Obama loving rose colored glasses, and see what is really happening. He is a radical liberal that even some moderate dems are becoming leary of.

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    Yea, if you don't want Obama to do 2 terms and the Dems to run both levels of Congress for a long time.

    The GOP is doing everything it can to ensure that it will happen.

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    No, I haven't. Our health care system is messed up, but government health care doesn't address the issues. All it will do is raise the cost of whatever decent health care there is.

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    I take it you don't live in Idaho... two answers to rising health care costs.

    a little tort reform wouldnt hurt. and notice anybody that has heath insurance are running to the doctor for every little thing, having unneeded tests and driving up our rates beyond the stratosphere.

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    By the end of bo's term, everyone with a brain will be a Republican

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