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What kind of outfit would look good with a headband worn like this?

i like the way this headband is worn(not with the hair in the face) but what kind of outfit would look good worn with this kind of hair style?( For 17 by the way...) thx for the help people! =]

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    It kind of depends on what kind you get. A tan braided one worn with wavy hair would go great with vintage-colored skinny jeans, brown leather gladiator sandals, a v-neck and a vest. Kind of a Woodstock hippy feel with a modern twist so no one makes fun of you for wearing moms duds.

    Or, take a similar v-neck and wear it with a straight skirt. Preferably one with a higher rise so you can tuck the shirt in. Work it out with some gladiator wedges or almond toe heels.

    If you wear a uniform, then get a bunch of those strectchy bands that compliment the colors of your uniform. If you wear a plaid skirt, I'd take the smallest color and wear a headband close to that to bring it out.

    Google misha Barton-- I think she wears those things all the time.

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