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Should women be allowed to wear pants in church?

Pants are generally regarded as men's clothing.

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    MEN'S pants are men's clothing, bud, not ALL pants. Women should wear what they WANT to wear!

    God looks at hearts, not clothes.


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    Pants are not generally regarded as men's clothing. When Adam and Eve talked to God, they wore nothing. After that, they [mankind] wore animal skins, and eventually some kind of robe, from somewhere before Moses to after Jesus. Then, finally very recently, in AD, men wore pants and women wore dresses, until quite recently in the last 100 years, when it became more practical for women to also wear pants. But to church? I personally will wear a skirt or dress to respect God, as they are still thought of as more formal. But I don't think any lady who wears jeans is any less of a Christian than me, or that it is a sign of dissrespect.

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    I think it's okay for women to wear pants in church, but if people want to just wear skirts, I think that's fine and have no problem whatsoever with that. God looks at your inner being, and cares more about what's inside of your heart rather than what's outside on your body-but that's not an excuse to dress like a hooker, wear booty shorts, tight pants/shorts, low cut or tight shirts and provocative clothing like that. Who knows, maybe we're all wrong and shouldn't be wearing pants to church, but rather skirts and should be wearing skull caps when we pray, but I don't think that if you don't do these things, you'll lose your salvation. It's about how you interpret that/those parts of the Bible. That's just my opinion though.

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    WHAT CENTURY ARE YOU LIVING IN?? Pants are definitely not just men's clothing. Yes, women can definitely wear pants in church. What does wearing pants even have to do with being in church?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I belong to a Pentecostal church and wear pants, jewelry and makeup.

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    I was told by a Deacon one time that I should not wear my pants to Church, So I went home took them off and put on a dress., put the Pants in a bag a gave them to him and told him to wear them to the next Service. Needless to say he didn't like me to much after that. Nor did he ever wear the pants I gave him, wonder why, I was told they look good on me. No where does God say that a woman can't wear pants, this comes from where God said that a woman should dress like a woman and a man like a man. A woman should not dress to look like a man nor a man to look like a woman. You figure it out from here. P.S. I still wear my pants to Church.

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    women should be allowed. Matthew states how JC is not concerned with the clothing we wear.. besides, i beg to differ that mypants are men pants.... i would flip my wig if i saw my boyfriend in a pair of my light pink dress slacks! those are not men pants!

  • MPH
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    With that kind of logic should women wear pants at all? God sees all in and out of church!

    My husband wouldn't dare wear my sissy pants and I wouldn't wear his masculine pants. I can see the difference in fit, style and sometimes color.

    Are Scottish men sinning when they wear their kilts/skirts?

    Did ancient shepherds sin when they wore robes or caftans? They look more feminine than what men wear today.

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    I wear pants sometimes. but i always dress up so i have heals on and a nice blouse....

    It is definitely hard to confuse me for a man which is what that passage is trying to attain. It doesn't want women passing themselves off as men.

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    "Pants are generally regarded as men's clothing."

    I'm not sure if you know this, but it's the year 2009.

    That said, I usually wear skirts to Church... because I like to, not because some ultra fundamentalist weirdo with a taste for women in dresses says I have to.

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