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US CS UR CR Pavlovian conditioning?

US CS UR CR Pavlovian conditioning?

Please help me find US, CS, UR, CR

A nursing mother responds to the crying of her infant by putting the infant to her breast, which stimulates the delivery of milk. After this has occurred several times thee sound of the baby crying causes the flow of some milk. US _______, UR_________, CS_________, CR________

A child has a routine of having his teddy bear with him when his parents comfortably tuck him in. When his parents are away the teddy bear comforts him. US______, UR________, CS______, CR________

A song continues to evoke arousal and nervousness in a person who heard the song during her first kiss with a person to whom she was wildly attracted. US_______, UR______, CS_______, CR_______

A stuntman has a terrible accident causing immense pain while performing a stunt on amotorcyclee. elicit fear. US______, UR______, CS______, CR________

A cyclist was attacked by a dog while riding down "Country Road 5". On subsequent trips down that road the cyclist's heart pumps extra fast and he experiences heightened anxiety. US_______________, UR__________________, CS____________________, CR__________________

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    Here's the rule:

    US - the stimulus which naturally evokes the response

    UR - the response that is naturally evoked by the US

    CS - the stimulus that is paired with the US

    CR - the response now evoked by the CS

    so, in you first one

    US - the putting of the infant to the breast which naturally evokes the milk flow

    UR - the flowing of the milk evoked by putting the infant to the breast

    CS - the baby's crying which becomes paired with putting the baby to the breat

    CR - the milk flowing when the baby cries.

    You should be able to figure out the rest...

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    Us Ur Cs Cr

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