What do the terms "intellectual attitudes" and "cultural attitudes" mean?

I'm currently writing an essay on the medieval times for my AP history class, but I'm having trouble understanding one of the areas I have to cover. I have to explain the intellectual and cultural attitudes of the Middle Ages, but I'm unsure of the meaning of these terms. Thanks in advance.


I appreciate the fact that people explain what it meant back then, but I just simply wanted to know what the terms meant by themselves and not in relation with the Middle Ages.

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    int. att. - people of this time frame were deeply religious and used religion to explain things of nature such as sunrise, sickness and weather. Look at the diversity of social class and how those of uppper class were more educated while lower classes were barely literate.

    cult. att. - Looking at social class see how lower classes were exploited and controlled by upper class. How do lower classes refer to those of status? Review the interaction within the classes: noblemen having party vs. a festival of peasants.

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