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Can Conservatives still run on "family values" without looking like Hypocrites?

Some well know Conservative leaders who ran on "family values" have recently shown to have anything but "family values". Senator John Ensign not only has an affair he pays his mistress large sums of hush money. Conservative "family values" Governor Mark Sanford uses public money to pay for his affair with a woman in Argentina and abandoned his post for the week. Senator David Vitter another Conservative "family values" guy, paid for prostitutes on numerous occasions. This of course is not just amongst Conservatives, there are Liberal leaders like Elliot Spitzer who had an affair then resigned and there is John Edwards who fathered a child outside of his marriage and has been blacklisted by Democrats but is not in any public office. The problem with the Conservatives is they actually ran a campaign based on "family values" and spoke out loudest on "personal responsibility". The only one I seen lately who took any personal responsibility was Elliot Spitzer a Liberal. Can Conservatives still run on "family values" with this poor track record, and not look like hypocrites?

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    They cannot without being hypocrites never mind just looking like one! I think the Conservatives who speak out the loudest are usually the ones with the most problems. Just look at former Senator Larry "men's room" Craig, he was one who went after Clinton and gay marriage but was found guilty of obscene behavior in a public restroom while trying to play footsie in a stall. Beware of Conservatives whose message is they are somehow morally superior as you will find that most of the time they are far from it!

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    Yes, and don't try to get the speck out of someone else's eye when there is a log in your own.

    Many people fail to live up to the values they hold dear and the higher one's standards, the easier it is to fail at them. It does not make you a hypocrite unless you fail to learn from your own bad judgment. Sanford and Ensign will pay a heavy price for their misdeeds (certainly heavier than if they were Democrats) but that doesn't tarnish the importance of good family values. In fact, it is a lesson on why they are important. Ensign and Sanford show how much real suffering to a family is done when a spouse violates their marriage vows. They show how it does harm their credibility and trustworthiness in their careers. The Palin problems show that even if parents raise their children well and with good values their kids still might make bad choices. You and others like you don't get to attack the message no matter how badly the messenger has behaved.

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    Oh, you didn't hear? Rush Limbaugh blamed the Democrats for Mark Sanford.

    Said that he did it because of the atmosphere Democrats made when they let Bill Clinton get away with it. Apparently we had no standards, and Mark Sanford was tempted to his cheating by that lack of standards...

    Yeah, I know. Who would fall for such drivel? Well, that would be the Republicans, who spent the next two weeks repeating everything Rush LImbaugh said word-for-word and blaming Democrats for the failings of Sanford and Larry Craig and Mark Foley and John Ensign.

    Republicans are nothing if not consistent. Oh wait, they aren't consistent! I guess that means they are nothing.

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    Totally agreed. I can't think of a single one who ran on family values that has not shown to be hypocritical. And then when it is pointed out that someone noticed, some of them even have to whine and get apologies when someone makes a comment about it. Thin skinned and think they are charming, even while they prove to be creeps.

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    No more so then the liberal democrats. Just because you haven't heard much on the libs doesn't mean they don't have skeletons in a closet somewhere. Remember, this lib media does a good job of covering things up and not reporting anything negative about the dems.

    When the conservatives find a rat in the wood pile he/she is gone. Not so with the libs. I.E. Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy and a slough of others. Grow up

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    get over yourself-every one of us is a hypocrite in one way or another or at one time or another. No man/woman is perfect-especially politicians.Do you want us to list the names of all the corrupt dems too?

    I find it disturbing that you speak of "family values" like that's a bad thing-what's wrong with trying to bring people together and instill values in our children?

    Source(s): wow the truth hurts I guess lol
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    Some. Not all. The ones that still abide by family values, 99% of them, can surely run on this platform.

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    Sanford was just doing some offshore drilling.

    Is it just me, or was Sanford chanting A LITTLE TOO LOUDLY at the Repub Natl Convention?


    And was that his Latin lover holding up the sign, "DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!"???

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    Politicians sure can't seem to but true conservative citizens can live by their ideals. Politicians give up their ideals for their influence, greed is sad.

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    Well can ran on Democrat society busting values

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