does any one know how much schools charge for x-ray tech programs?

i'm thinking of going to school (like university of phoenix or similar) to get my degre for x-ray tech but i was wanting to know around how much it is going to cost.

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    1: Don't go to University of Phoenix

    You can find accredited programs here (choose Radiography): or here: <-- this one gives you the tuition, which varies a lot from school to school.

    Source(s): I'm a registered radiologic technologist
  • hyske
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    3 years ago

    assume approximately $50/hour, which should not be so impossible. counting on your CC, it may fee as low as $4,000/365 days or as much as $10,000/365 days. To be an Ultrasound Tech i think you're able to be qualified. i'm not sure although.

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