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What do you think about this?

My uncle died November the 30th of 2005. He fell asleep on the road and was rushed to the Helena Regional Medical Center in Arkansas. When he arrived at the hospital he was doing just fine he was walking around and talking. Then he says he couldn't breathe this turns out to be internal bleeding. The doctors said they could have saved him But he is just another drug dealer.

Is it right for you to not try to save someone's life because of the lifestyle they chose?

I just wanna know!

Everything happens for a reason

It just hurted me when i heard because he was like my dad because my dad ever did anything for me and my real dad is doing drugs.

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    that's not right AT ALL!! im in tennessee and my dad had to be rushed to the hospital because he got hit by a car while high. but they saved his life and put him in rehab. you couldve sued them BIG TIME!

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    If you have any proof that the doctors said that, or even someone who can corroborate your claim, you could sue them. You could even get the doctors who said it in serious trouble with the state medical board. They aren't allowed to just let someone die because they think that person is bad, or because they disagree with that person's lifestyle.

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    Go Get A Lawyer Soon

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