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Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Screen Goes Black?!?

It starts up & the screen works at first, but when It comes to screen where I actually log on it just goes black! Idk whats wrong with it! But its getting very irritating! Ohh & I'm definitely not computer smart lol. Soo can somebody give me an idea of what might be goin on?..

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    looks like some settings got messed up.

    start laptop - immediatly hit the F8 then boot in 'safe mode' and do the system restore. or disk cleaning (refer google for more)

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    Vista is awful yet sturdy information you could deploy xp on the 1520 I merely did aside from one situation I forgot to disconnect my 500gb exterior puzzlingchronic and entirely deleted it, i might communicate to dell approximately this difficulty yet greater importantly i might do away with Vista Susan

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