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Night World Opinion and one question about strange fate?

Okay so i read all three night world books. I just wanted to know everyones favorite book in each night world set of three books. Mine is

Night World 1: Daughters of Darkness

Night World 2: Soulmates

Night World 3:Huntress

And i could tell by the sneak preview that strange fate will be afavorite also. I dont understand though, i have one question, so iread the continuation to ash and marylynette story on and the whole end of the world dilemma was not over, are ash and marylyn together in strangefate or is that after strangefate is over, because in the continuation, mal, kierlan and sarah were in it. ugh....

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    i like

    Night World 1: Secret Vampires

    Night world 2: Dark Angel

    night world 3: Huntress

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    Which girl is the prettiest/hottest?

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