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$35 for a guinea pig!?!?!?

My mom and I went to a couple different Petco's because my family has been thinking about getting a Guinea pig or two. We noticed they were $34.99! Have they always been this much? Why are they so expensive?

Oh, and the main reason we're thinking about getting aGuinea pig or two is because after we saw the movie G-Force my mom said, "Maybe we should get one of those" and my brother and I agreed.

I know, silly reason, right? Oh well, I've wanted them before anyways.


LOL- my family doesn't want guinea pigs because of that movie! We want them because they are adorable! Besides, G-Force had wrong facts, and it would've been much better with ratties instead of guinea pigs.

Also, I'll be able to give them the care they need. Of my small pets, I've had two rabbits, and currently have four rats. Each pet gets everything they need to be happy and healthy.

The nearest Petco near me is pretty pathetic (mixing up the genders), but the Petco I go to (one that's farther away) is really good. They only sell females, and they've always checked the rodents over for me before I buy them.

So, for those of you who are concerned, there's no reason to be.

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    This is the average price, yes. i have never seen then cheaper. Try an animal shelter and adopt one. This is cheaper, but it also ensures better health and they will know the gender for sure.

    Here is info for new GP owners. They are not quite as easy to take care of as other small animals.

    They need quite large cages - I would recommend at least 3 feet by 2 feet for one, but bigger would be better.

    Do not let their environment get too hot or too cold - they can handle about what a human can, but they do get hot easily, so if its really hot and you do not keep your AC on to save money, put a fan by the cage.

    They an get stressed out with a lot of noise. They tend to get used to your habits and their environment, but ease them into their new homes. If there are a lot of kids or other pets, keep them away from the noise and activity. Keep away from predatory animals like cats and dogs always!

    They love floor time, so give it too them when you can, they like room and exercise. Make sure they cant get into anything harmful though. And, have a place they can hide out if they want, as you know they like that.

    If they are the only one, they need attention every day or they get lonely. Even with two or more they need attention.

    Feed them high quality GP food only - they need Vit C and this contains it

    They have to have timothy hay available to them at all times

    They need fresh water - i change about twice a day more if they drink it all

    They like veggies and fruit - they need some every day but not too much, they can get diarrhea and very sick. You can do more research on what they can eat, but apples, bananas,romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, seedless grapes, parsley, and more. Do not give her too many carrots or fruit either, they have a lot of sugar and she can get too fat. No nuts or seeds either. No iceberg lettuce ever!

    Do not feed her dark leafy greens - they will not kill her if she has a little bit, but over time or with large amounts she can get bladder sludge and bladder stones which are painful and require surgery to cure. Also, do not feed her alfalfa except as a treat once in a while if you want. These foods have too much calcium for adult GPs.

    Pellets are really a supplement, not a main food source, so most adults only need about 1/4 cup per day as long as you give them hay all day long. If she wont eat the hay try a different brand - look for kinds that are greener and more flat blades than stalks - it tastes better.

    You can get Vit C liquid to give her, its not necessary but good for her. Do not get the kind that you put in the water, this degrades fast and may make the water taste bad or grow bacteria, which will make the GP not want to drink it.

    Give them things they can chew on, including lots of hay, their teeth can grow together and cause abscesses if they do not wear them down. You should also check on their teeth every once in awhile to make sure they look ok. GPs incisors grown constantly so they need to be worn down. Make sure what you give them to chew on is free of harmful dyes and glue.

    GPs can get sick - some more common things that happen are calluses on they feet (looks like a thick dark toe - this is not a big deal unless it gets caught on something and you can prevent it by using soft bedding), upper respiratory infections (sneezing, not eating, laying around a lot, running or crusty nose etc), bladder infections, bladder sludge or stones (red or brown urine or spots, laying around, not eating), vit c deficiency, and overgrown front teeth All of these require a trip to the vet - you should find one that specializes in exotics since they require special care not all vets know.

    One last tip - do not use pine and especially not cedar bedding - its too hard on they feet and the smell can irritate their noses causing allergies and infections. Aspen is ok, but I recommend the softer stuff that's like paper (carefresh or kaytee soft sorbent). To save money I sometimes used aspen with the softer stuff on top, but this is not the best option. Also, keep the cage clean to prevent the infections I mentioned above. Make sure they have a house to hide out in to feel safe!

    Here is a good website for more reference:

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    Don't go to Petco, their pets are really bad. They don't keep the genders separated, don't want a prego piggy, now, do 'ya?I got mine from The Pet Depot.

    They were only 25 dollars, and they were in excellent quality, the genders were separated, none of the piggies were sick, they had great service, answered all our questions, and plus, if you buy a guinea pig there, you get free nail trimming sessions forever! They even help you get started with a special kit, they explain everything, they even give you a brochure on how to care for a piggy.

    But remember, that you must do a lot of research on a piggy before getting one. Don't get just because you saw the movie and though 'oh a spy guinea pig, those are so cool, I'm gonna make mine do tricks too!'

    Piggies need a lot of care, make sure to do your research, to make sure that you have the room, money, and time. You have to buy bedding, food, and hay, and over time in can add up to a lot.

    Make sure to buy two if possible, if not, make sure they are almost never lonely. They also need about 45 min - 1 hour worth of playtime outside of the cage. Plus they tend to be noisey. My guinea pig wakes me up with loud wheeks, and cage biting at 7:00 am just to get a carrot!

    Source(s): Proud GP owner. =D
  • $35 is quite expensive for a guinea pig. You should check out local shelters. Guinea pigs often wind up in shelters, and the adoption fee is usually much less. If not, you can often get them from a breeder for $10 or less. Be sure to look for a reputable breeder.

    Before getting a guinea pig, make sure to do full research on them. They are very cute and friendly pets, but they have special needs. They need fresh fruit and veggies to prevent them from getting scurvy due to lack of vitamin C, for example. They are social animals that prefer the company of another guinea pig. They cannot be in wire cages, as their feet can get caught and their toes can break. They also live much longer than many rodents, so be prepared to take care of a guinea pig for 4-8 years or more.

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    That is about right. The price really went up when Dr Doolittle (eddy murphy and that bug eyed guinea pig) hit big..... the retail price almost doubled!!! I bet before the G-Force movie is peaked in video sales/rentals, the price could go even higher. I know at one time GPs were selling for around $50, just because they were a fad and supply was low compared to high demand.

    Part of this is that they are VERY long gestation compared to most rodents, and litters are much smaller.

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    Yes, they can attack guinea pigs. Since most dogs will eat anything, they probably won't stop at guinea pigs. A dog can kill the guinea pig it's just playing with in many different ways.

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    I got my 3 (now 2) from a very local breeder.

    Each cost £5. I don't know how much that is in dollars, but those guinea pigs seem to be quite expensive. I recommend you buy guinea pigs from a local breeder, rather than from a petstore as petstore animals are normally more expensive and live shorter lives.

    Hope this helps, and good luck,

    Lisa.Rr x

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    OMG your getting a guinea pig.....i got my first guinea pig when i was 6 and i loved them the problem was we got two and the store messed up the sexes and we ended up getting a boy and a girl.....the end result was over 20 guinea pigs in one larg size cage....XD

    oh to answer your question yes they have always been expensive little first one was $32 dollars and i remember the second one being cheeper but i think it was because we used a petco discount card or something XD

    oh and the paying just gets worse once u get it....they eat ALOT of VEGGIES...... we would get these really big bags of lettuce at Cosco and have to replace it at lest twice a week (and that was when we only had like 5 in a cage....we never had more than like 10 at a time) u need to buy a cage large enough for them to crawl and hide and stuff.....

    not to mention the flooring for the cage....u can just use newspaper, but we used this absorbant, rabbit tissue litter thing that we either bought at petco or Kahoots ( cant remember which :D ...)

    you should probably clean the cage like twice a month to cause they can smell REALLY BAD!!!

    ok so just remember these simple things

    -clean cage twice a month

    -buy lots of veggies

    -buy flooring for their cage

    -buy a big cage ( we could give u ours if u want for like $20)

    -and make sure to have too girls...cause if u have boy and a girl u have our problem..and if u get boy and boy...well ours tended to fight with each other over the females so maybe it was just because of the girls they were so aggressive XD

    so yeah actually scratch that with only girl and girl thing :)

    -oh and they kinda almost over heated one time with us (luckily i have a doctor for a mother) so i think it would be best if they were in a air conditioned house...

    oh ya and for toys...get them these litttle wooden shape things they like to chew on them to keep their teeth less sharp....and they are VERY noisy with there squeeks and chewing on the cage bars and stuff......we got them to stop buy giving them carrots too :D

    and dont keep them locked in the cage forever either...we would ply with ours like twice a day before we got the second one, and than they both got BUSY!!!! ( our piggy once chewed up our remote buttons so be careful :D )

    ok thats all

    email me if u need any thing like a cage

    we really dont have a use for it anymore :)

    ok well hope this didnt make u change your mind :0

    well cya

    and good luck

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    you should do some research before you get a pet your mom is dumb why would you get a guinea pig after watching g-force is that the ONLY REASON!? you dont even know how to take care of them, 35$ is nothing you cheap scape it cost up to 200$ for every thing so yeah reconsider

    Source(s): owner of 3 guinea pigs
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    Yes, they are expensive in Petco, Petsmart, and Petland.

    My mom worked far away in LA in a mall called Compton and she worked right next to a pet store that sold :

    hamsters - $3

    guinea pigs - $10

    rabbits - $8

    birds - $5

    frogs - $6 (exotic breed)

    mice - $1

    and much much more cheaper things.

    This is all I can remember for now, we bought every kind of animal there. But we returned the frog since we had to keep feeding him crickets and there were none around our house and so we just gave up and returned him.

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    yea when i got a guinea pig i was looking at them and this girl just got one but was moving in with her parents so she was asking around if anyone wanted one and i got hers for free with a cage food toys and bedding :) so you can ask around or go to a shelter and pick one out there or a local breeder. there prob. cheaper :) hope you find one

    Source(s): owner of a black bear hamster<3 and owned a guinea pig :)
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