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Is the acai berry good for a thirteen year old to loose weight/ build muscle?

I am 13 and a little over 3 months old, and am trying to loose weight and build muscle. Is the acai berry good to help teens with losing weight. Also is it better to just get the berry or supplement, and what stores can you find the berry in.

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    it helps to lose weight but you NEED TO HAVE A GOOD DIET or it will not work berry is best but i dont know where to find at.

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    I believe the Acai Berry is a great way for a teen to lose weight. One of the main things you have to do while taking the berry is get enough daily exercises. And being a teen you will have much more energy than most older people. =)

    I am not sure on how well it helps with muscle building. What you should do is call or even better, go to your local GNC store and ask them. Every employee of a GNC would know these type answers.

    If you want to learn more about the Acai Health Diet you can look at

    Good Luck and call that GNC! =)

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    its just a type of berry so im sure its fine

    the reall thing is always better than the fake supplements

    don't know ere to find it

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    Why dont u just do exercise and eat well? O_O

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