sooooo confused, what is this? Last week i was sick for 2 days, i threw up one of the days. Then a week later,?

i forgot to take my birth control for over 4 days, therefore i stopped taking it for the month to allow for my period to come & then start a new pack. So i started spotting & it has been bright red. Now today its a darker redish brown and less spotting. Im also having bad cramping! I never cramp when i get my period, so this alone is weird. I wouldnt be getting my period until next wednesday had i finished my pills, so if i take a test would it show a true result?

what do you all think...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    wait at least a week after you would be getting your period to get the best result. or if your insurance covers it you can go to your doctor and have them run a blood test for the best results. mine covers it and i have tricare. most birth control pills take at least a week to take effect after you take them so be careful still!!

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