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I'm falling for this girl to fast!!!?

So I’m twenty years old I’m an attractive guy but I’ve never had a girlfriend because I was waiting for the right one. Now I’ve meet this girl at my church she’s really pretty and nice and decent and religious. I’m religious myself, she’s very sweet she volunteers most of her time to charities and stuff. My mom is friends with her mom, and in some instances her daughter has asked my mom about me. My mom told me she might be interested in me, because she asks about a lot and she gets happy when she talks about me, my sister has also told me this, because she always brings my name into their conversations like “How’s your brother”, “What’s he up to”? and stuff. Since I’ve never had a girlfriend and I want to start a relationship with this girl, I’m starting to imagine us getting married (I’m twenty) and starting a family, finishing college etc. I think she would make the perfect spouse and mother for my future kids. I know most guys shouldn’t think like this but since she is my first real love interest I’m feeling for her fast. I don’t want to sound to clingy or desperate, so how can I get her to date me? I went to her home recently and asked her if she wanted to go out to a family party and she said she had an event that day for church and that she really wanted to go, so I told her that was fine, just to let me know when she was ready. I’ve texted her twice today. The first “It’s a shame we couldn’t hang out this week, let me know when you’re available” the second “here’s a bible verse, I think you will like it” (she’s religious) So my question is am I being to clingy or desperate,? The second how can I get her to date me and keep the romance going?


thanks katelyn for being so understanding.

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    Ugh, you super religious types annoy me. Trying to keep "pure" all the time. Grow some testicles and ask her out for lunch. And for the love of God (no pun intended) STOP thinking about marriage and kids. You barely know this woman! Calm down! You're 20! You should finish your education, get a steady job, and date a VARIETY of people before you settle down.

    EDIT: No problem. Just trying to skip the BS and get straight to the point.

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