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Is pornography and prostitution the same thing?

I mean they are having sex for money.

My husband says it is not the same thing because prostitutes stand on the corner while porno stars are beautiful and glamorous and they are typically safer with no std's. He says every mans ultimate fantasy


Isnt porn just legalized prostitution

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    To Art M, i agree with your first part but prostitution should NOT be legalized. That is a horribly misguided opinion, and mostly held by men (hmm wonder why), also realize that most customers for prostitutes are married men. It should be decriminalized, as in people wont get arrested for being a prostitute, but johns and pimps will be arrested and fined still. There are many countries where they provide school and training programs to prostitutes and other people really stricken by poverty(and prostitutes arent only women by the way) and its a MUCH better solution than legalizing it. I dont think you realize the reprecussions if that were to happen. I worked with so many abuse victims and poverty advocates, the last thing we need more of in this world is objectifying women, or people for that matter. Selling people or yourself IS NOT NORMAL AND SHOULD NEVER BE CONSIDERED NORMAL. People only do it for money not because they enjoy it. Its one of the last forms of slavery in this world and NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED. Just ask yourself this, would you care if your daughter had sex with strange men for money? What if your son had sex for money?

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    Well the differences are there, slight though they may be. Prostitution is more on a one to one relationship, albeit for cash up front.

    There is actual sex involved with a partner.

    Pornography, is basically to tease and titillate a man, usually and fulfill some of his sexual fantasies.

    It's watched mostly by single men, for the most part, in order to get off sexually, when they don't have a partner.

    There is no actual contact between them, it's all an illusion for the man, letting him think, he's taking that porn males part.

    And yes he's right the women are usually younger and more glamorous than the average prostitute, who roam the streets.

    And yes, it's just all fantasy, as most men, will never have or be able to have, with a girl, like those who perform sex in a porn video.

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    Pornography and prostitution are not considered the same thing in the law.

    To quote CNN

    prostitution is generally understood as the bilateral trading of sex for money, while pornography involves the customer of an adult film paying money to watch other people have sex with each other, while receiving no sexual favors himself in return.

    Keep in mind that sex and bartering is perfectly legal. Otherwise, they would be regularly arresting guys who buy a gal a drink and then have sex with her.

    BTW, I disagree with the poster who says "And yes he's right the women are usually younger and more glamorous than the average prostitute, who roam the streets." Totally wrong. In most big cities in the US today, the average prostitute is 13 or 14.

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    This actually is an interesting question probing into the repressed social morals of US society and also semantics. What is a prostitute? Someone who exchanges a sexual act for money? Some states actually do equate pornography to prostitution and it is against the law to make anything other than an amateur movie.

    If we break it down semantically, isn't every act of sex between a man and woman an act of prostitution? How many woman meet a guy and agree to sleep with him without benefiting financially in any small way from a drink, to dinner, to marriage?

    Isn't marriage little more than prostitution for many woman? Does it make it any less of an act for money because you have a piece of paper or make a promise to only have one partner? I believe it is. Some will say it is an act of love, yet there are millions of guys who are fully capable of falling in love with a prostitute.

    This is just a reminder of the hypocrisy we have to live with when our language, beliefs, and ideals are not mutually supportive. Each time we judge someone, we only demonstrate our ignorance.

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    Yes and no.

    Watching porn is different from having sex with a prostitute.

    However, if I can pay a woman to have sex with me simply by putting up a camera in the corner of the room and having her sign an acting contract, then yeah there is no difference.

    I think you have to have a license to legally make movies, including porn films.

    So ok the girls on the film are prostitutes, but watching them isn't the same as being with a prostitute.

    The reason this is confusing is that we (Americans) are supposed to believe that there is something wrong with prostitution, and it conflicts with our other American sensibilities of individual freedom, free markets, etc.

    Restriction of prostitution is a violation of our American principles, yet Americans accept it almost universally.

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    there are various variations with porn and prostitution, yet there are alos a great style of similarities. whilst sure, prostitution is unlawful (apart from in nevada or aka vegas. lol) porn is looked at as criminal. prostitution is advertising your person physique on the streets or the different form for intercourse (which may be intercourse, oral intercourse, or hand jobs and so on.) porn is interior of an industry that technically has made it ok for 2 human beings to get videotaped whilst having intercourse to sell for money. Technically it fairly isnt an identical element because of the fact those 2 human beings in porn are looked at as experts and its many times with the aid of an industry of a few style, (in spite of the fact that if the two human beings or perhaps with the undeniable fact that many human beings interior the action picture are amateurs. meaning not scripted many times and new to the porn company) in spite of the undeniable fact which you had a debate approximately this, you relatively could flow the two way because of the fact this may be a competent subject count number to communicate approximately, it has its variations and it additionally may be looked upon because of the fact an identical element.

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    Prostitution can be very broadly defined to include all kinds of sexual favours given in exchange for gifts. It's a slippery slope including pornstars in the definition of a a prostitute.

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    Perhaps some of you don't know that prostitution is legal in some parts of the USA (Nevada specifically) and in most countries of the world. In many countries it is considered and an honor to have your daughter accepted as a prostitute.

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    Pornography is controlled sex, prostitution is not. Not that hard to figure out. Prostitution is illegal because chances of spreading STD on a major level. In pornography all actors/actresses are tested frequently.

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    Yeah, If you define prostitution as having sex for money. Porno flicks are just whores having sex for money. I don't think either a hooker or a porn star's daddy is very proud of their daughter.

    male porn stars are just lucky bastards who get to do what they like and get paid for it. (they still are whore-bucks).

    Some hookers are beautiful women who stand on the street corner. It doesn't matter what they look like. ugly or beautiful, it all has the same result.

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