Im 14 and I need other ways to earn money besides babysitting, I need lots of Ideas, have any?

Preferably maybe a real job? Know any jobs like for a fast food restaurant or anything that I can do at 14 years old?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are child labor laws preventing you from getting a "real" job. You can get a paper route and other things here and there for some extra cash. At your age you should be more focused on school and not so much making money. That is why the laws are in place. Your education will be valuable to your future. You shouldn't "need" lots of money at this point in your life, ha ha...

  • Kerry
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    5 years ago

    Do extra chores around the house Babysit Mow the lawn or other people's lawn Lemonade stand (my little sister made over $20 in 2 days lol) Walk dogs Water plants House sit Car wash Ask for donations lol Rummage sale Enter a contest or lottery If you put your mind to it there are really alot of things you can do:)

  • 1 decade ago

    Most places wont hire you if youre under 16 because of child labor laws.

    Maybe you could try helping people clean their houses?

    Or dog walking/sitting cat sitting?

    Mowing yards and pulling weeds for people?

    Washing peoples cars for them?

    All of the above? Do each one on a certain day

    If you want money that bad you will have to work hard for it. But no actual workplace will hire you that young. At 15 I think its possible to get a work permit but Im not sure.

    Best to check your state laws

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    at my highschool they have hire a youth

    its a 6 week period and you get paid 10 buks an hour

    i made a little bit over 1000 dollars last month

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