How can I find the certificate of death for someone?

I know the day and location the person died.

I know their first and last name

I know the name of his mother (not her maiden name), wife, and children

I have found the certificate of date for his wife, and children. But not for his mother or him.

A relative of mine did find his brother's certificate of death, but the name of the parents were left blank.

The person I am looking for is

James H Forman, also spelled Foreman

His mother's name is Mary J. (I don't know what the J stands for), she died after 1880 but before 1900.

James died in 1908 in Lamar County Texas. He is buried at McDonald Cemetery in Lamar County, Texas.

I have been using, and also the pilot site for, which has helped alot, but for some reason I can not find James or his mother.

Any help would be nice.


thank you both. I did not know that Texas did not record deaths until later. May be a reason I am having problems.

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    If you use Ancestry's TX Death Index 1903 to 2000, just search the county you are looking and you will find the earliest death in the index and for Lamar County it is Dec 28th 1909. The county may still have it it just didn't make it into the index. You will have to do the snail mail way and write to the counties they died in and order a death record. Keep in mind if the county staff still don't find one they keep the fee.

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    Source(s): Death Records Search Database :
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    Death Record Search Database :

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    I looked at Footnote and the Texas Death Certificates Database is only 47% complete. The records you see were not there yet. I would suggest checking back periodically.

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    Texas didn't require death certs until 1903, so there isn't much reason to expect to find mom. Even after the law was passed, you may find that an EARLY death could have failed to be recorded.

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