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research article reports r=.35, p<.05?

ststistic research, what does the p mean in this equasion

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  • senlin
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    1 decade ago
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    P is the probability that these results will be obtained if the null hypothesis is true..So, you are always testing the null hypothesis, which assumes no differences. p < .05 means that if your null hypothesis is correct then the result you achieved in your experiment would be expected less than 5% of the time ( expressed as p < 05). Looking at it the other way, you could say that you are 95% sure your result is accurate. The lower the p value, the more "significant' the results.

  • Anonymous
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    it most likely means that the true r (which is unknown unlike the estimate) is different from zero.

    Oftentimes, r stands for correlation, so a positive value means that two variables move together. Then again, 0.35 is not all that much given that correlation can go all the way up to 1. So you can say that there is small but significant positive correlation between variables.

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