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Does ownership of a Rubiks cube imply that I am a geek?

I really am not a geek. I bought it before my last deployment for something to do. I have solved it, but if I didn't, Would it be fair for me to say it is irreducibly complex?

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    Whether or not you are a "geek" depends on how much time you spend on the cube and what you are willing to ignore in pursuit of solving it.

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    Ownership of one doesn't. I think just about everyone has one somewhere, whether it be hidden in a cupboard long-forgotton and gathering dust or not.

    And solving it doesn't mean you're a geek. Unless you obsessed over it for days geekishly. It means you're smart. Or, well, logical is the more appropriate word. Or lucky of course.

    And yes, you can say it's irreducibly complex. You can say whatever you want, really. No law. :)

  • Rachel
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    no, ownership of a rubiks cube implies that you a.] can+did solve it b.] bought it thinking you could solve it, and was mistaken, or c.] it was given to you as a gift, and you never thought you could solve it in the first place

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    Does ownership of Rubik's "Revenge 4x4" and completing it more than three times make me a geek? ...Yes.

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    Um, do you also own a lime green VW with "Geek Squad" painted in big letters on the side?

  • Anonymous
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    No. I own one, although I only managed to do one side...

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    I have one, but yeah I'm kinda dorky...

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