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Eclectus parrot temperaments!?

ok, so im looking into an eclectus parrot

1. is it ok being left with lots of toys and space?

2. is it friendly

3. good talker

etc etc

im not basing my choices here on a good talker iwant a tsme frindly bird for a friend!!

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    Eclectus Parrots are very sweet & lovable if they are hand fed...Whether it be male of female...

    Both male & females talk...they should have a large cage & lots of toys, with things to chew on....get the bird from a reliable breeder...

    NOT from a pet store...!!!

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    Out of the 120+ birds that I help care for, my very favorite one is an Eclectus. I'd never heard of this breed, until I met Haley. She is a rescue bird, and had plucked herself nearly bald. She is the friendliest, most lovable bird I've ever known. She isn't a big talker, but she makes a quiet little chortling noise when I hold her... kind of like what purring is to a cat. She's also not a screecher, which is wonderful. Based on my interaction with Haley, I would definitely put an Eclectus on the top of my list.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    In the US, you can buy one from anywhere between $500–$2,000, generally. Or even free, if somebody needs to find a new home for their pet eclectus for whatever reason. But you should NOT assume that owning a parrot of any kind is "easy". Parrots are not domesticated like dogs and cats, they still have wild animal instincts, such as screaming VERY loudly (to communicate with other birds nearby), biting when they feel threatened, and typically pooping wherever they happen to be every 15-30 minutes. You cannot train a parrot to be quiet all of the time, and if the parrot feels scared, lonely, depressed, or angry, they can and will bite people (a large parrot can easily bite a thick stick in half in one bite), pluck out their own feathers (a sign of distress), or simply just scream even louder and more often. Please do your research before buying a parrot. They can be loving, highly intelligent pets, but REQUIRE constant care and attention, and very big cages, toys, expensive food, etc.

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