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When did medicine become such a bureaucracy?

Due to $$ problems namely being bankrupt I don't really stand a chance of going to a GOOD hospital like the Austen Riggs Center in Mass or Gunderson House @ Maclean Hospital. I got laid off from my job in March.

The county/free services offered are a joke & they don't know anything about my disorder which is Borderline Personality Disorder along with histrionics & EDNOS. So I have to suffer with every breath I take because of these greedy jerks wanting $45,000 that I don't have (who DOES in this economy) & instead of getting the help I need I have to self medicate with weed & my prescription pills so I don't die. The only reason I don't kill myself is I don't want to hurt my mom & I am her only child.

Sometimes I wish I had checked out long ago because I get doors slammed in my face EVERYWHERE I do go for help. WHY?! I need real help not some weekly one hour visit with a therapist. I need Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy or whatever it's called?


I am on the brink of dying from sadness. I hurt physically with EVERY breath I take, I live in the US so if you live in the UK please don't respond because that's NOT how things are done in the USA!

Update 2:

It seem like "lunatic" & the second one are the only ones who GET IT, none of you other people GET IT!

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    Yep. Add mental services to dental general health, vision, and just about any other type of medical care in America.

    Edit: I was in same boat. Didn't get help, four suicide attempts in five months later and I just didn't feel like going through it anymore.

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    I also have BPD, ED etc, the thing is, no amount of therapy or hospitalization is going to help, and I do know from experience.

    The only thing that will ever make a difference and give you an easy and hopefully happy life is you.

    You have to learn how to manage your problems, even live with them, as BPD doesn't ever go away, so I'm told, so if I were you, I would maybe try looking for more info etc on recovery/management.

    I now live without any help at all and still suffer with my problems though I have had to learn how to deal with them when they arise.

    Good Luck.

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    You can check your local yellow pages for licensed psychiatrists and psychologists. You can ask if they would be willing to accept a sliding fee for services rendered. Or they may have a list of competent professionals who have different fee scales. Also, some therapists do donate some hours for indigent clients. Your attempt at self-diagnosis is not helping you make any kind of sound decisiion. You are also playing a part known as the "victim"

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    that's because of the fact Socialism relies upon on ever increasing economic fee till ultimately the money runs out. increasing the money grant to spend on socialism creates inflation till ultimately the money will become valueless. Even Japan with a small militia, no wars and extreme taxes has a huge debt plenty larger than that's GNP (a plenty better proportion than the U.S.) which has brought about huge inflation and twenty years of economic stagnation. That debt became created via that's social courses it may now not fund with the aid of taxes and has to print funds in a self defeating spiral.

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    I have borderline personality disorder.

    I live in the uk, were medicine is free, and despite that I am on no treatment for it.

    Borderline personality disorder is not a life threatening illness and does not need constant treatment.

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    It became a bureaucracy when hospital, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies profit margin became more important than serving the sick and injured.

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