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Friend high school help!!!?

I am going to be a freshman in high school in like 2 weeks!!! I don't really fit in anywhere good! I am kind of a band geek but am not in the band geek group. in the beginning of 8th grade i was in the kind of bad/geeky group. but in the middle of the year i moved to the nerd table! but i am not really like a nerd! i have a few friends from other groups. but now i am kind of stuck at the nerd group! wat should i do!!!

sometimes the nerds kind of any me! will this stop boys from liking me? wat groups should i join? also i don't want to be bad! i dont want to drink or do drugs!! HELP

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    I know it sounds cliche but if your friends start drinking or doing drugs and you don't want to then leave that party/situation. You can still hang out with them other times just make it clear you don't want to do that. They should respect it. My really good friends always respected the decisions I made like that, and the others weren't really worth having. Haha, after reading that I can't believe I'm only 19, but really good friends have respect for you. When I was in high school I had 3-4 great friends that I hung out with a lot, and then I socialized with people within the other "groups" I was in. I was top of my class, an actor, musician, and academic competitor. I had a lot of different friends to talk to at school, but I was choosy about the really good friends to hang out with outside of school. Don't worry, you will probably make some mistakes along the way, but you'll figure it out. Good luck!

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    do what i used to do...and im telling you these years were the best of my life...either, find one best friend and with her just hang out with everyone, switch groups during breaks or from day to day, hang out with all of them..otherwise if you cant find a best or just good friend o it on your own...if you see someone you kow and generally talk to then go hang out with them for a bit, as the convo dies down go see someone else...or just whoever you feel like hanging out with that dont need a group...

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    Don't join a 'group'. Be an individual.

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    don't stress about your social status and NEVER change your personality to fit in. Be friends with whoever likes you for who you really are on the inside.

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