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I have two questions about the classic Macbeth?

2. The overall purpose of the first scene in the play where King Duncan’s army beats Cawdor and the king of Norway is to _____

A. establish the theme of good triumphs over evil.

B. create a humorous beginning to the story.

C. establish an atmosphere of evil and doom.

D. frighten Macbeth and Duncan.

5. At the end of the play, the word that BEST describes Macbeth is _____

A. caring

B. decent

C. greedy

D. angry

Thank you!

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    Ugh, I hate when literature teachers evaluate student learning through multiple choice questions. I don't blame you for being confused. I could make a case for both A and C for the first one, and I could say either C or D for the second one.

    Tell your teacher that multiple choice evaluations are a sign of a weak, lazy, and disinterested pedagogy. And you can tell him/her that I said so.

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