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Have you ever walked around barefoot in a gym?


and were your feet dirty after?

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    While obviously feet are gonna be dirtied are walking around on a dirty floor for example ago the clean floor watery floor that is not gonna be dirty odd but yes I have walked around on the gym floor for example at mix martial arts.

    I hope this help it if it did help please give me the 10 points I am neither an inquisitor after all.

    Thanks again, barefoot Jeff

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    One day my son & I played basketball in a school gym after school waiting for my wife (a teacher). I didn't have shoes with me, so I played barefoot, does that count? The wood floor felt pretty cool on the bare feet.

    Feet didn't get too dirty from the floor, they were probably more dirty from walking around outside in the parking lot.

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    Yes, when I was practicing jumps for cheer leading and my feet were filthy afterwards. I went home without shoes. I didn't want them to get dirty. :)

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    When it was being used for a dance sometimes.

    The floor was always totally clean, so no dirty feet.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, It was at the university which my mum works at...I only wore flip flops there and couldn't really run around with them on, so I took them off. The bad thing was, my flip flops got stained with my black foot imprint.

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    cause i couldnt find my shoes lol

    not really

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