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Wanna be my friend on myspace?

I love meeting new ppl, so this is a chance for me to do tht. if u are a petifile stay away from me, seriously. all im really trying to do is to be seen by the right ppl nd get my modeling career on a faster track then it is but if u want to add me thts cool. my display name on myspace is ♫♥♫Chrisandra Nik☮le♫♥♫

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    It's spelled pedophile ffs and no i don't want to be your friend.

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    Why not you look up modeling sites instead of attracting the wrong people to you? There are some horrible people out there that you have no clue they are bad. Someone may add you as a "friend" and explain they are a modeling agent but they could be one of those creeps on "To Catch a Predator"... Kids these days...

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