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Whats This Lump On My Vagina?

I have a lump on the sensitive part of my Vagina, although i am sexually active i haven't had sex in months and last time i did i was protected. its like the size of a pea. its up by the top of the sensitive part, by my clitoris. What do you think it is? Please dont make fun or stupid comments i am very scared.

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    It sounds like a clogged duct, more precise a Bartholin's gland. These are quite common and usually go away on their own. You can rupture the cyst by squeezing it gently. It's nothing to worry about.

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    it can be fats.

    if u have any kind of such lumps on other parts of ur body and they r not moving than theres nuthing to worry.

    but if its the only lump on ur body than better c a doctor.

    u shud be really worried when u think or feel that its changing its location as well.

    if its not changing location than its just extra fats.

    but do c sum doctor.

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    I have had this happen to me, it will go away after about a week. It is very painful. But, do not mess with it! it'll only make it worse.

    best of luck :)

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    Please don't be scared...the best you can do for yourself right now is see a physician right away. He or she can run tests to eliminate anything really big and then prescribe a treatment plan. I pray you recover quickly and remain healthy. :)

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    I have something that sounds similar but not in that area. You need to get it checked out asap.

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    It's called a carrot. It leaves pink marks on your man's penis and leaves you to barf stew.

    Good luck.

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