Is it too far to walk from Union Station in Washington DC to the Vietnam Wall?

I'm taking my mom next week. Neither of us is afraid of walking a couple of miles or so, but it would be nice to know another way to get there if the weather is bad.

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    That's a pretty long walk and in August in D.C. it's going to be hot and humid.

    You'd be better off taking the metro to Federal Triangle or better yet, hop on the Circulator bus which picks up a few blocks from Union Station and will take you to 17th and Constitutions which is just a few blocks away from the Memorial. Bonus - the bus is only $1, they run frequently, and are air conditioned!

  • DON W
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    It's a long walk, particularly in hot weather.

    You can take the Metro subway system most of the way there, avoiding about an hour of walking. Just follow the signs in Union Station for the Metro, which you can get to via the food court. Get on a Red Line train marked for "Shady Grove". Get off at the Metro Center station and make a free transfer to a Blue (marked "Largo") or Orange (marked "New Carrollton) line train, getting off at the Smithsonian station. From there, it's a manageable walk to the Vietnam Wall.

    Here's a link where you can find a Metro subway map:


    What Jessica is suggesting is good too--I tend to forget about the Circulator bus.

  • mcc
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    It is quite far to walk - you could use the Metro and get off at a closer stop or take the bus.

    Here is a trip planner.

    Or you can get a tour at Union Station and go all around the highpoints and just get on and off when you want. OR my favorite is to take the evening tour of the mounments as they are lighting them. It is a powerful and moving experience. If you are looking for a name on the wall harder to find - but the overall experience is pretty cool.

    The Korean War memorial is erie at night with the figures looking like they are walking out of the darkness.

    Here are some tour options for you to consider:

  • That's a hell of a hike. What Don says about taking Metro is true, but you can also take the Blue Line towards Franconia-Springfield or the Orange Line toward Vienna, get off at Foggy Bottom, turn right at the top of the escalators and walk about eight blocks down 23rd Street.

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