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What are some good exercises for dance?

I used to take dance about 8 years ago, and quit for another sport. I would like to get back into dance and I'm hoping that if I can show the studio that I can easily learn it again, I can skip the first few stages of ballet. What are some good exercises to help me get back into shape and flexibility and what are some good exercises that beginning ballet dancers do?


I also lost the ability to do the splits...if anyone can help me with some stretches to reach that again that would be greatly appreciated :)

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    a good stretch

    lay on your back with ne leg bent by your chest and straighten the other one on the floor. then staighten your bent leg an pull it closer and closer to your head the roll over in to your spilts

    do it a few times on each side

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    You don't say what style of dance you did 8 years ago. If it was ballet you should practice all the bar work which was devised specially to improve the strength, flexibility and stamina of dancers. If it wasn't ballet then you are better off starting at the beginning. Don't start off thinking it's a doddle. But if you're good, motivated and disciplined enough you'll progress fast enough.

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    Some good beginner ballet exercises are plies, flexing and pointing your feet, touching your toes, and a stretch that my dance teacher calls "butterfly" (you put the bottoms of your feet together, and then try to touch your nose to your toes).

    Have fun! :-)

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    I workout habitual to bounce-orientated aerobics DVDs. My recent admired is 10 Minute answer: fat Blasting Dance combination. additionally, MaDonna Grimes has some exciting and sensible dance workouts.

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    Plies, Tendus, good kind of depends on what kind of dance you want to do. Good turnout is essential! If you put your best effort into it, like it sound you are, you'll do fine!

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