How do I find a Dr.? No insurance.?

Hi Im 21 and I have a job at Panera making about 9 and hr. I just took a pregnancy test yesterday and We are pregnat. I did some caculations from my last menstrul and im at about 5 weeks.

I need to find a Dr. I dont have insurance until January from my job and my bf jsut started his job so hasn't gotten insurance yet.

Where can i go? I am overwhelmed right now. I just need help and advice!

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    Apply for medicaid and see if they can help you until your insurance kicks in. That's what I had to do. When I moved from another state to be with my fiance I had to quit my job because I couldn't get a transfer here. When I found out I was preg I didn't have insurance so my fiance (at the time) and I went to the courthouse and got married so the baby would be covered under his insurance. Unfortunately, 3 days later he was laid-off. So, there we were again without insurance. I applied for medicaid and was approved within a week. I am so grateful to have medicaid right now! It is actually better than the insurance I would have had. They cover so much more than you'd expect. I do feel bad and a little embarrassed to let anyone know I'm on it but at the same time-I've been paying in to medicaid since I was old enough to work so I feel I am entitled to some of that money. I just think of it as an insurance like a car pay for car insurance every month but never really use it until there's a need.

    This site can probably help you find an application and information:

    Check your state's government website if that site doesn't help.

    Congrats, good luck and best wishes!

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    You can apply for Medicaid. Unfortunately, even when you get your insurance they won't pay for any of your medical expenses prior to the day your coverage begins. Prenatal visits are expensive so you will need some sort of coverage. Just at your first visit you will do blood work, a pap..etc.

    I would apply for the Medicaid and if you qualify, then let Medicaid know when you get your other insurance in January. Medicaid will then probably become your secondary insurance. You will still have no out of pocket expense.

    ADDED: I did billing and insurance for 6 years at a Dr's office. Most insurances do NOT consider pregnancy a preexisting condition and will cover your pregnancy expenses starting the day you are elligible for coverage. I also switched insurances in the middle of my third pregnancy and my new insurance covered everything after the switch.

    Under a law known as HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, health insurers cannot consider pregnancy a preexisting condition. So, unlike illnesses such as diabetes, they can't deny you coverage when you go from one job to another and switch health plans.

    HOWEVER it doesn't apply to women that had NO coverage before starting a new job and getting new insurance. Only women switching insurances. So in your case it will up to your new insurance company as to whether they will cover your pregnancy. You will need to speak to them. Medicaid is your best option.

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    Contact your County Health Dept- find out where the sliding scale or pay what you can clinics are- apply for Medicaid and WIC- they'll have someone at the clinic who can help you with that... You'll be fine- just don't procrastinate! You're due for your first visit in the next three to four weeks.... Get on it!

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    Congratulations! You sound just like me lol. I was the same age and found out at the same time. I'm so happy for you. You can go to the hospital and ask about their PCAP insurace. It's prenatal care assistnace program. Its like a medicaid for pregnant women with no insurance. Good luck! Don't panic too much. Everything will be ok.

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    Calm down girl.........since your pregnant and live in wonderful America there are so many options out there that will help you!! In your state there are plenty of pregnancy crisis centers that will give you an official pregnancy test and help you out a little. Check online for those in your area! Also check with state Health and Human Service Center, I'm sure you qualify for WIC, Medicaid, Food Stamps and all kinds of benefits!! That will help out alot!!! You just have to get with a Social Worker from your county and let her open the doors for you!! Good luck!! and Congrats!! don't worry about and your baby are going to be taken care of if you seek the right places!!!

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    first ingredient you do is initiate prenatal supplementations. next, verify how a techniques alongside you're. whilst became into the 1st day of your final era? Now count type what proportion weeks considering that day. The well-being practitioner frequently would not see you to your first prenatal appointment till approximately 8 weeks, simply by fact pregnancies are unpredictable interior the early tiers. i could call and e book an appointment with your well-being practitioner as quickly as you be attentive to the day you would be lined via coverage. of course, in case you think of something is incorrect get help ideal away, yet whilst each little thing is going easily youshould be effective waiting till your coverage kicks in. good success and congrats!!

  • medicaid. I know it sounds horrible. but lots of people have medicaid not just people who are in a low income families. Im going to fill out paper work so i can start to get it. My bestfriend has medicaid for her baby & it paid for EVERYTHING from doctors appts at one of the best doctor offices in Dallas, to ALLL her hospital bills when she had the baby. & on top of that, she is still getting medicaid for her baby which 2 now, and he goes to the doctor all the time & it covers the cost of that & plus prescriptions.

    Source(s): EDIT: && oh yes go ahead && apply for WIC && friends get 500 dollars in foodstamps a month...its she can get ANYTHING in the store (that is food of course) well except for energy drinks it doesnt cover that. But with the WIC the thing about that is that you have to attend LOTS of classes && appts to make sure that your baby is healthy and you know how to feed your baby properly. and you only get like bread, eggs, milk, cheese, and cerel with WIC.
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    Go to your local Department of Family and Children Services, you should qualify for medical coverage that will cover your pregnacy and delivery expenses, including prenatal vitamins.

    You can also go to your local health department,many now have prenatal practices that charge on a sliding scale based on your income and ability to pay.

    Good luck and congradulations.

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    New insurance likely won't cover your pregnancy as it is considered a "pre-existing condition." Your best bet is going to your local Department of Health and getting enrolled in WIC and Medicaid.

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    You need to apply for medicaid. It is likely they will cover you until your insurance kicks in.

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