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How can people who support the Constitution support the Patriot Act?


Wow, so much name calling, insults and overall nastiness coming from the Right. And they say that those are the tactics of the Left. Typical hypocrites.

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    I agree. I don't know how people can just pick and choose what parts they like. Either you're for it or against it.

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    I support the Constitution. In fact, I wrote a book on the subject. I personally do NOT support the Patriot Act, and unlike most people who complain about it, I've actually read it.

    The biggest problem with it is that it is unknowable. It is nothing but edits of existing law, adding words and phrases to existing sentences, and without having direct immediate access to the entire US Code, there is no one that could tell you what it actually does. No one, not a member of Congress, a lawyer, or even a SC Justice.

    Now, my question isn't so much about how one supports the Constitution and the Patriot Act.

    What I cannot understand is how someone could claim that the Patriot Act is unConstitutional, and yet support any kind of federal involvement in health care. I could easily make a case for wiretaps not being covered at all under the 4th Amendment (I'd be wrong, but I could do it) but there is nothing in the Constitution that permits government involvement in medicine.

    *** alby, since you're so sure the Constitution doesn't apply outside the US, tell me where it says that. The Constitution limits what the federal government can do. I see no distinction based on WHERE they act, or whether the target is a citizen or not.

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    The Patriot Act repeals 7 amendments out of the Bill of Rights. Any "constitutional scholar" would of repealed the PA legislation on day 1 of his presidency (ya know, like he promised).

    ALL provisions of the PA can be used on US citizens...It was written in 1998 during the Clinton admin. It had NOTHING to do with 9/11. 9/11 only allowed the legislation to be passed into law without congress reading it.

    Executive privilege cannot violate the US citizens inalienable rights. No government entity can violate inalienable rights. The Constitution does not grant rights, the "creator" does. As human beings born on this planet, we are free to live our lives without government interference. The USA is the ONLY country that acknowledges a human beings inalienable rights. The Constitution only specifies which rights cannot be infringed upon by government.

    Source(s): inalienable: incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred
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    The right to privacy is not in the Constitution. The Constitution does grant the President executive privlages. Obama is doing the same thing.

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    im a democrat

    but i also fully support the patriot act

    you need to realize how much the NSA doesnt not care about your life

    they are looking for nuclear warheads in new york city and biological threats being brought in.

    do you think they care if your going out to smoke weed with your stupid freinds??

    again, im a democrat

    and i support the patriot act,and wiretapping

    bush was a horrible president. but the patriot act was brilliiant

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    They can't. The Bush administration treated the Constitution like a doormat.

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    Most of the Patriot Act is simply to make coordination between different departments, like FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, etc. easier so that you don't have bureaucratic competition.

    The parts about surveillance are interrogation mostly apply to people outside the US, where the Constitution does not apply. The Patriot Act was renewed by Congress btw and is STILL used by Obama...most likely updated, but maybe its time you blame your local Congressman

    Also I've seen absolutely no name calling from the right, sport

    Source(s): maybe you should do some research on the law or maybe read it before you try to talk intelligently about it
  • Obama supports the patriot act, and has publicly stated that he plans on keeping it because of the security it provides to the country.

  • How can people who support the constitution want the government to provide anything other than roads, national defense, and moderate interstate commerce?

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    They didn't read it. No excuse by this point. Same with FISA.

    Too bad we have the second of two presidents who both wanted both, isn't it?

    Martinmagini, I oppose that too.

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    I don't have a problem with it, Herb.

    Because I do not make international calls to terrorist organizations.

    Because I do not associate with known terrorists.

    If the Patriot Act is so bad then why has not obama and the democrat controlled congress repealed it, Herb?

    I do support the Patriot Act because what good is the Constitution when you are blown to pieces by a suicide bomber, Herb?

    How can people that support global warming still drive cars, and use electricity from coal, Herb?

    But you are a good example of liberal tunnel vision, you see what you want to see.

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