I am asking someone to make me an outfit please??? I really need help choosingg.?

i am going into the seventh grade. I wouldnt say I am popular, but lets just say i hang out with the older kids and is liked by everyone. lol. I am very fashionable, yet laid back and casual. Im not rich. I shop at pacsun, forver 21, Charlotte russe, agaci, (occasionally urban outfitters but not really) i wear hollister. but not the stuff with the labels across my chest. i am thirteen. i wear a size zero in pants. i am usualy a small in tops considering i am 5'3. Um... I just cant pick my first day outfit and i really need some help so i know where to go when i am shopping. Please help!! I am like vintagey type stuff. i am into the whole plaid thingg. i dunno. just give me ideas and i am sure to like a few

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