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Can anyone tell me the difference between Dachshund mini, wire, standard Thank You.?

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    Miniature and standard are the sizes of a dachshund, while wire, long haired, and smooth, are the coat types.

    Mini Dachshund usually range from 6-12 pounds while standard are about 18-30.

    Both mini and standard dachshunds can have nay of the 3 coat types.

    Wire: longish, wirey hair (like a Yorkie or Cairn Terrier), often refered to as the clowns of the breed. Wires are usually more playful and energetic.


    Longhaired: Long hair like a golden retriever, usually the more laid back and said to have the sweetest dispositions.


    Smooth: Short hair like doberman or weimaraner. Said to be the most stubborn of the 3 types (though all are stubborn) and quite energetic.


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    The Dachshunds you see most often are the smooth (short haired) miniature Dachshunds. The standard size Dachshunds are much larger. The wire haired Dachshund has a terrier type coat of coarse, wiry hairs. There are also long haired Dachshunds. You can see pictures of these and read more in a Dachshund book. Dogwise Books has tons of dog books. http://www.dogwise.com/

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    There are 2 sizes in dachshunds. Miniatures are 6-12 pounds

    Standards are 16-32 pounds.

    Dachshund come in 3 types of coats: smooth, longhair and wirehair.

    Visit the Dachshund Club of America at http://www.dachshund-dca.org/

    to learn more about the dachshund.

    BTW, there are also slight differences in personalities between the different coat types.

    Source(s): I own Standard Wirehair Dachshunds
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    Mini Dachshunds, 12-13 lbs. 4-6 in height...(Not as long as a standard dachshund)

    * Wire Dachshund is a different kind of hair. *

    Standard Dachsund. 11-32lbs Height 5-9in





    Wire Coat


    Long Hair Mini Dachshunds *MY Two Frankie&Beans*


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    The Dachshund and the "weiner" dog is the same. Weiner dog is just a sillly name that some people give them, when they can't say "dachshund".

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    mini's are smaller and weigh 9-11lbs

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