i have to questions, one about the iliad and one about the odyssey?

The iliad. I am reading the odyssey and i need osme back ground information about the illiad. Does the audence know why odysseus has not come back yet?

Oddyssey: Why did home start the odyssey with his son and not him?

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    The audience and reader do know why Ulysses/Odysseus hasn't been able to return home. Penelope, Telemachus, and all the others do not know.

    Remember the timeline. Odysseus's journey (odyssey) took him 10 years, but even before that he had spent 10 years fighting in the Trojan War (that's the story of The Iliad). When he left for the war, Telemachus was just a baby. When the war ended, Telemachus was only 10 or 11. When his father finally arrives homes, he's about 21.

    And since we're talking about ancient Greece (Homer lived around 800 B.C.) -- before e-mail, the internet, phones, telegraphs, or pony express -- there was no way Odysseus could've let anyone at home know what was going on.

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    The audience's knowledge... In ancient Greece the art of story telling wasn't the simple tool of the surprise ending like today. Rather they tended to focus on stories that were already known and a good story teller was one that could hold the interest of the audience even when the already knew the outcome. This is much of the reason that the books are so interesting.

    The breaking up of the story in the Odyssey. This is a literary device. The book never directly goes into the history of Odyssey's time while he is lost at sea, instead it remains in the present tense while Odyseus tells his story to an enamored audience. Why Homer used this device, well, who could possible know? But many academics think it was a brilliant way of telling the story.

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    i have read the odyssey...well most of it. first of all it is illiad not iliad. second homer wrote them, not home. the illiad is about the trojan war. odysseus (the storys protagonist) fought in the war, and the book is just about his time there. the odyssey is about his heroic return to greece from war.


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    Spelling notes: the Iliad is not "ill," and the Odyssey is not "odd."

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