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External yeast infection?

Can I use Monistat for an external yeast infection?

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    you should use vagasil

  • helmer
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    4 years ago

    i might head to the wellness care provider because of the fact it must be BV(Bacterial Vaginosis) and not actual a yeast an infection. I actual have had a super style of yeast infections via the years and that they in no way truly smelled undesirable, merely white discharge an ditching. I have been given BV as a freshman in college and it became unfavorable i had stinky discharge, itchiness you call it and that i had to get on antibiotics to sparkling it up. Now undergo in techniques BV isn't an STD its an overload of Lactobaciilus it somewhat is a uncomplicated style of micro organism down there and it may multiply and over strengthen merely like yeast. i might definatly enable your Gyno verify you out and it this is yeast they are able to furnish you some Diflucan and sparkling it genuine up.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it's external, apply Tea Tree Oil instead.

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