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Guinea pig on it's own?

I am allowed a guinea pig but no more than one. Will it get lonely on its own? However I have a lot of spare time and I already have a rabbit.

I have already checked whether I could house it with my 1 year old rabbit and I have been suggested not to. Therefore I will need to get a hutch. How big should the hutch be for just one guinea pig?

Also, can hutches go on grass ok as my rabbit hutch is on a patio and there is no more room on the patio for another hutch


I could only bring it inside in winter as my mum is allergic...

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    I have only one piggy and she's fine. She might get a bit lonely, so make sure to spend a lot of time with her.

    I think the minimum room for a guinea pig cage/hutch is 6sq ft. (the bigger the better, esp if you plan to buy another piggy in the fture, lol. ;)

    I think you can let your piggy be near the rabbit as long as you are ALWAYS supervising playtime. Make sure that they are never in the same cage, and don't share food. Make sure the piggy and the rabbit have their own separate food. Guinea pigs can't eat rabbit food and vice verse.

    The animals can go on grass as long as when they are outside for playtime, that there are no predators, there is a fence so the piggy can't escape, and make sure you do not grow plants that are poisonous for guinea pigs. Also make sure the grass isn't treated with any pesticide. Don't wanna make your piggy sick.

    Also make sure that the weather is nice, make sure it's not too hot or too cold, or rainy, etc. If it is, i suggest keeping your piggy inside.

    Ps. Hutches aren't the best, I suggest a cage, they are safer and more durable.

    For any more information, go to

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    Guinea pigs are social animals and it will be very lonely if it doesn't have another guinea pig as a companion. In fact, I wouldn't own a guinea pig if I couldn't have two. Hutches aren't that good for guinea pigs because they will chew the wood and aren't really dog/cat proof. Keep your guinea pig indoors. That's the best way to keep it safe. And get it a friend. All the best!

    Source(s): I've done EXTENSIVE research on guinea pigs, and have owned several in the past.
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    2 guinea pigs is like one guinea pig. there's a 20% distinction interior the fee. Hay- approximately $20 vegetables-approximately yet another $20 Treats- we get them alongside with the vegetables. puppy keep treats are no longer good for them (neither are mineral wheels, so do no longer waste funds on them) so we purchase them fruit. you need to purely supply them fruit purely two times a week. Pellets-$15 Bedding- i take advantage of fleece so as that isn't a month-to-month ingredient. Its a one time ingredient. this is around $55 a month for my for 2 guinea pigs.

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    Guinea pigs should never be kept outside. They are very sensitive to temperature - hot and cold. Plus, they are easy prey for many other animals, even if you live in the city.

    They do get lonely but if you give them enough attention they should be ok.

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    Make sure you spend a lot of time with the guinea pig. they should have a friend but they do not need long as you have free time- like you said- and you can bathe it, play with it, give it treats, and eaverything will be very happy!

    Have fun with the new guinea pig!

    Also google this:

    "guinea pig toys" and you will find a lot of fun toys for him or her!

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  • it will be ok by itself as long as you play with it. dont get it a hutch get it a cage.

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    I have a single pig, and he's just fine. All they require is some time and love and they'll be just fine alone.

    Source(s): My own guinea 'hog'.
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    as long as you you give it a lot of company it can live on its own. Guinea pigs must live indoors, so I suggest a cage like this

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    it is better to get two but if you are home alot and will play with it then it should be ok good luck

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