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Cod4 UFO glitch xbox?

Last night I was playing Call of duty 4 and my xbox 360 and there was someone using the ufo hack. I thought this was only possible on the ps3. Now i don't glitch but how the heck can this be done?


It was not any bouncing, ive seen the ufo glitch on ps3 and it was definitely it...

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    this glitch could be done a few days ago and it is defently the UFO glitch not a bounce glitch, as 2 days ago it got patched and i know this because my m8 on xbox 360 was doing it. it could easily be done with the use of a memory unit and a transfer cable.

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    he wasnt doing the ufo glitch

    he was doing the bazooka bounch glitch

    heres a video about it on youtube

    Youtube thumbnail

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    ya idk ty..r u sure he was doing it..mayb it was jus a nomal glitch on crash..but u can always come over my house and do it on the ps3

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    i want to know too man still i cant find an answer if you do message me

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