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How to get my dog to stop jumping and licking?

My dog is big, bigger than a lab. She's a mix, please don't ask what kind because I honestly don't know. When she meets a person or see's a person she already knows she jumps on them and licks them. She won't stop licking anything, she licks the air! It's really disgusting and I've tried a lot of things to make her stop. Please serious answers answering jumping or licking problem or both.

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    Keep her on a leash. When she sees someone, but before she has a chance to jump up, step on the leash so that she can't succeed in jumping. Ignore her while she's trying to jump, and ask the other person to ignore her too. As soon as she stops trying to jump, praise her, have her sit, and let the person greet her. If she starts trying to jump again, or starts to lick, everyone should immediately ignore her again until she's calm.

    Also, make sure she's getting plenty of exercise and training every day, as this will help to calm her down in general.

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    Obedience training. She can't jump if she's on a Sit-Stay. She will have to stop licking guests if you call her (Come) and have her Sit or Down next to you.

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    Watch the dog whisper. He will use his hand to "bite" a dog on the neck. You don't do it hard you don't need to hurt your dog. Growling while you do this helps for my dogs. We have seven large dogs and the dog whisper methods work very well. If this doesn't help make your dog roll over and stay on its back for a little while.

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    tell your guest if he jumps, put your knee up.that way, he can't jump and lick you guest!

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    when she jumps up.put your knee in her chest lightly.put your knee out ,she will stop soon.

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