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Big Gold Fish care in a 2 gallon tank?

I know its expensive to get everything the petstore owners suggest, and to get a big tank and a big goldfish.

Like is it important to worry about the Ph levels, the bio-filter thing, the temperature of water, putting water solution into tap-water, putting in slime-coating before putting fish in?

Are those steps really important?


I didn't mean a HUGE fish!

I want a tank that was at Pets-Mart for like $35! =) Im not that dumb! :D

It even has a picture of the big goldfish I want... ;)

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    putting water solution into tap-water EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

    i dont worry about ph levels and my fish are extremely healthy

    bio filter is simi important u could b ok for a little bit

    temperature of water is EXREMELY IMPORTANT to, it could live or die because of the temp.

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    You can't keep a Goldfish in a 2 gallon tank. Way way way too small. And yes, you do need to care about water quality, water chemistry and tank maintenance, skipping steps such as not adding dechlorinator into heavily chlorinated tap water means you kill off beneficial bacteria in your filter, leading to an ammonia spike, leading to dead fish!

    A Goldfish however needs a minimum of 20 gallons for one. NOT a 2 gallon! I personally wouldn't keep anything in a 2 gallon.

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    Proper goldfish care in 2 gallon tank?? EASY. Grab your goldfish with your right hand (left if you leftie) and with all force whack it on the floor or wall. Put poor critter out of misery. How would you feel in a cage where you cannot sit or lay down?

    PS: to catx ;-) as in many examples, asker did not fail to mention dechlorinator ;-) oh well adding holistic aromatherapy candle under my tight cage example

    Another PS: Small fancy goldfish grows to a LARGE damn goldfish. Plain feeder comets grow to 10 inches long fish. They are demanding and messy. If some dumbass in walmart put a picture of whale shark into betta bowl does not mean it can live there.

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    Lou is real, no fish can flow in a 2 or 3 gallon. properly if it the place to be a betta in a three gallon diverse tale. yet, as i replaced into asserting, goldfish isn't the lovable and tiny fish as you notice interior the puppy save whilst they are completely grown. they are able to advance to a minimum of 10-14 inches in length and choose a seventy 5 gallon aquarium.

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    Do your research. 1 goldfish needs 20+ gallons. You have 2. You should have 40...but you have 2.

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    Yes they are very important. You also need to upgrade to at least a 20 gallon tank.

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