Pregnant with Multiples.?

Hi! I am just beginning my eighth month of pregnancy with quads, and in bed rest and I am so bored! Do you have any ideas on how to entertain myself? The only upside to bedrest is that i have had plenty of time to decide on names for my baby girls:

Cora Noelle

Ailie (i lee) or Nealy Adalia

Ireland Cecile

and Farrah or Jovy Eliza

What do you think?

Also, If you have had multiples, what advise would you give me.

Also do you have any techniques that make baths, feeding(bottle), changing, and other routines faster, easier, and more efficient? Thank you so much :)


ahhh well yes, I have had a comment on all of my questions on my husbands name. My husband's name is Nick Jonas, but he is a 27 year old architect, not that kid from that boy band! Haha literally EVERY waitor or cashier comments on my husband's name whenever he pays with his credit card! It is kind of funny!

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    I find it hard to believe that any mother of trips or quads would be asking for advice on this forum and not forums specifically for those with higher order multiples. Gosh, my friend was FLOODED with info from her doctors office and then contacted by 2 different local groups!

    In the hopes that you are not a troll, here are links to two places that can help you. I should think we will see your birth in the papers; it's very rare to get that far in pregnancy with quads.

    Source(s): Although geared towards triplets, advice works for more as well
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    wow you've done well to get to 8 months. You need to get a good book to keep you occupied or you could try taking up knitting. Or if you prefer you could get a nintendo ds or psp and some games to keep you entertained.

    I have never had a multiple pregnancy but i think you will need a lot of help for the first few months.

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    Get help ahead of time! With four babies your are not going to get any sleep, you will be so exhausted. Have someone come in at least every other day to give you a break to take a nap, clean the house, or do whatever you need to do.

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    Multiple Baby Basics

    When caring for multiple babies, it's important to recognize the need to recruit extra arms to help. Some families hire help, some rely on volunteered time from extended family members, neighbors, fellow parishoners, or support groups for parents of multiples. Before your child is born, it's a good idea to think about the level of help, the source of help, and the nature of help that would feel the most comfortable forIt's important that you do what you can to keep some couple time. Because it's often hard to leave multiples with one sitter, you might need to get creative. Some parents pack dinner, then strap their babies in their car seats and drive around until they sleep. Then they have a chance to dine al fresco in peace. Other parents go out half as often as they normally would in order to be able to afford two sitters when they do go out. Still others choose to start their evening later, after the babies fall asleep, so that one sitter is able to stay with the sleeping babies. Do whatever you're most comfortable with, but remember that spending time alone together is more a necessity than a luxury.

    Special Multiples Behavior

    Multiples often develop language more slowly than singletons. This is most often due to their prematurity, and to the fact that twins and multiples spend so much time together and may develop their own special means of communicating. That's why it's important for caretakers to spend time speaking directly to each child, as well as reading and encouraging language.

    Social skills can come earlier for multiples, simply because they've always been with siblings, but they may do less well in other groups. Parents may encounter problems separating multiples, so it's a good idea to occasionally separate them even at an early age. Also try to introduce other people into the mix, including other children and adults.

    Still, multiples are built-in playmates for one another, and from early on it's apparent that their relationship is a special one.

    Parenting multiples has its challenges, but the rewards are twice (or more!) as great

    Volunteers could bring food, bathe babies, shop, clean, or babysit while you nap or get out of the house. They can even run errands for you. It's important to think about how comfortable you'll feel having lots of other caretakers in the house, which can compromise your feeling of intimacy and privacy with your family.

    And even though there's no one right way to raise your multiples, it might help to see what other parents have done. Look for a support group for parents of multiples in your town.

    When you're setting up your network of volunteers, it's also important to keep in mind the health of your newborns. Infants born prematurely can be particularly vulnerable to respiratory syncytial virus (or RSV), a flu-like illness which can be highly contagious and cause serious health problems. It's a good idea to set up handwashing procedures and other safety precautions around the house for any volunteers. It's also important that your caregivers be familiar with any medical problems that the infants might have.

    Feeding will consume a large chunk of each day. Multiples have been both breast- and bottle-fed successfully and each approach has passionate advocates. Breast-feeding offers nutritional and immunological benefits, and is easier on the pocketbook. It works because the lactating breast functions according to the laws of supply and demand. The more your babies nurses, the more milk the mother's body produces. If you choose to breast-feed, it's a good idea to seek help from a lactation consultant. It's possible to nurse two babies simultaneously, but it may take some time to master. A lactation consultant can show you basic positions to help you nurse your babies either two at a time or singly. A nursing pillow designed for twins may also be helpful. It may also be helpful to pump and store breast milk, so that Dad or other caregivers can help with the feedings.

    Bottle-feeding may take some of the pressure off exhausted mothers, especially if you have more than 2 infants to feed. Some mothers use a combination of breast- and bottle-feeding, to keep some of the benefits of nursing while still getting help with the feeding. Whatever way you choose to feed your babies, you may want to track the feeding schedule on a bulletin board to make sure every baby gets enough.

    Bathing multiple babies can be quite a challenge. Some parents bathe their children separately in the interests of both safety and one-on-one time. For higher-order multiples, though, this may be impractical. Your best bet is to recruit some help during bathtime. When the infants are older, it will become easier to bath more than one at a time.

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    Is this a troll post? I hav ean aunt who has 3, triplets, and she had friends and family come in shifts to help. Develop a routine, and stick with it.

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