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Help with Spanish (not for a class)?

I saw this shirt that said "Ni entiendo" in the Nintendo logo format. I wanna know what it means, because it seems cool how much it sounds like Nintendo. Only thing is that whenever I use a translator, it turns out to be something nonsensical like "nor I understand"... ¿? It doesn't make sense to me. So thanks! Also I think I wanna get one so tell me if people would laugh at an overweight blonde blue-eyed teen in glasses wearing one. Thanks a lot, guys.

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    It's a play on words, but it literally means:

    "Nor do I understand."

    Example of use:

    No sé lo que dice el mapa, "ni entiendo."


    I don't know what the maps says, "nor do I understand."

    It can also be translated as "I don't even understand."

    As in the following example:

    "Ni entiendo esto ni lo otro."

    English translation:

    "I don't even understand this or that one."

    I don't think most people would laugh at you, most people wouldn't even notice it, although people might laugh at you 'cause you're wearing brand logo names on T-shirts--which is so millenial, so 2002-ish! Yeah, but wear it anyways, I mean I don't think you should ever listen to the trends anyway.

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    ¡Ni entiendo! - Don't even understand!

    No entiendo - Don't understand

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    It's a play on words. "No entiendo" means "I don't understand" in Spanish.

    Source(s): I speak Spanish
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    "Nintendo" sounds almost like "No entiendo" ("I don't understand")

    But "Ni entiendo" means "I don't even understand"

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    "nor I understand" is the literal translation - so it approximates to "I don't understand either".

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