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Some Different Questions That I Need Answered About Different Things ?

1) Well First Of All What Should I Do With My Hair ?

It's Two IInches Passed My Shoulders && I HAve Side Bangs .

It's Medium Brown Also .

I Want Highlights But Not TOOOO Noticeable .

But Also Niticealble At The Same Time .

I Want Kind Of An "Emo" Haircut .

Pictures Please ?

2) How Can I Make My School Uniform Me ?

Its Navy && White Shirts && Kahki Pants .

I Got Them From Aeropostale .

How Can I Make It More Me With Jewerey && Other Stuff ??

3) Do You Like Theese Names ?? (Just Wondering)


Cameron Faye

Kennedy Leigh

Alora Tayler

Aleah Mckenzie

4) My 5 Year Old Sister Likes To Talk About Sex ..

Why ?

Nobody Else Talks About It ,, She Is Not Allowed To Watch It On Tv .

She's Nowhere To See It .

She Doesn't Have A Tv In Her Room ?

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    1) For hair, how about a really layered feathery style, with a really deep (far across) side fringe? and maybe some red coppery highlights?

    2) pins and badges, some statement earings or necklace if youre allowed to wear jewelerry. Plus, spend time on your hear and make up instead of uniform cause that's how you can best show a bit of yourself at school!

    3) They're all pretty, apart from Mckenzie and Kennedy (in my opinion - no offence to anyone whos called that :) ) Leigh and Tayler are pretty first names !

    4) Sex is talked about everywhere - she could have even ooverheard it from older kids at school :)

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