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Help Hamster Problem!?

My Hamster is Fine, his not fat and his not skinny

he use to have a lot of appetite but after a few months he doesn't eat a lot of food anymore is there any remedies i can do to make him eat more food?

Please help V_V


i always keep the same brand of hamster food "Vita Kraft" and also i do buy some treats but it's not working V_V

Update 2:

I Did... they said "maybe its not hungy or maybe it doesnt eat when your there" But the vet said that it will be fine! but i want to make sure... V_V

Update 3:

My hamster cage is clean, it has water with Vitamins and i clean my hamster cage every 4 days not a week!

Update 4:

My hamster is not even 1 year old yet tis only 6 months old V_V So i dont think getting older is the problem V_V

Update 5:

his teeth are short, he drinks normal amount of water but the only problem is he doesnt eat a lot! he has no infection, not sick, no allergies etc... I dont know but the only problem is that his not eating V_V

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    He might be getting older. Anyways!---

    Try putting applesauce on your finger. its soft and he does not have to chew it. he will just lick it off of you. he will actually think of it as a treat, but it actually is really healthy!! :-) do this 3 times a day and each time put a lot os apple sauce on your finger.

    also try blending his favorite vegies and make a vegie smoothie. just add water and his vegies and put some on your finger so he can lick it off...but dont forget- to do this you will need a blender lol.

    try giving him some yogurt on your finger too but add real fruits.

    ---All of these ideas are all soft foods so they are easier for him to eat. he will also love the food more than pet store food.

    the reason he wont eat may be because his teeth have overgrown. if these idead do not work try calling a vet nearby! hope i helped!

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    you have kept him in a nice clean cage with plenty of good quality food and out of cold drafty rooms, he may just be really sick and not something you did to cause him harm.

    A hamster has no odor. It is a very clean animal, easily tamed, and naturally inquisitive. It may hibernate if exposed to cold conditions below 50°, or "semi-hibernate" at temperatures between 70-80° (usually for periods of less than a few minutes). So, don't assume its left this life because it hasn't moved around for awhile!!

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    my hamster did the same thing for a little while then it went away!he might not be hungry of hes hiding his food in a corner of his cage or somthing!but maybe if you buy some treats from the petstore and mix them with his food he will start eating again! what helped my hamster the most was to mix dry quaker oatmeal into her food!also if you have been feeding her a different kind of food lately swich back to the old stuff!

    best of wishes!

    hope i helped!


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    Take the hamster to a vet. They have the answer to everything

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