what color contact lenses would look good for an asian teen?

im asian and i wanna get colored contacts but i dont know what color should i get. i was thinking about maybe baby blue or grey or something light brown/hazel. help me out here. and do i need prescriptions to get it?

and how much would they cost? thanks!

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    over all its mostly up to you, but since your asking id say a dark colour like brown or black that doesn't make it look like your wearing contacts. you know what im saying?

    hope this helps!

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    If your eyes are darker browns like most asians, I would get a lighter brown or a green-hazel. My sister got the green ones and they look really good.

    I would avoid blue, too. They won't go well over dark brown eyes, and will look unnatrual.

    If you have lighter eyes like my cousin though, try any a more green, or also the light brown.

    Talk to you optometrist (did I spell it right???) about pricing and prescriptions.

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    1 decade ago

    It all depend on your skin and hair color. Your light eye color (such as Green or Light Blue) will typically lighten your skin tone if you have dark skin or dark hair. Hazel or light brown eye colors will lighten up your skin if you have light skin. Think contrast! You no longer need to get prescriptions, but the contact lenses will make your eyes dry and sometimes itchy. Make sure you use eye drops or artificial tears to keep your eyes moisturized

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    I think gray, you can always ask for the demos to see what color looks best on you. I got hazel a couple days ago they cost 175$ for six months from my eye doctor. I think like each box is around 15$. (:

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    1 decade ago

    im not asian but if u have black hair, bright green color contact lenses would look nice i think :) bcuz of the contrast im not sure about blue but i think that hazel/brown would look nice as well

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    I'm asian too and i was gonna get colored contacts too! lmao

    i was thinking of gettiing like a green/hazel color.

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    4 years ago

    hiya! you're organic eye colour seems beautiful!! :) however the blue eyes supply some bliNgg-Blingg on your visual attraction lol :D i could say the brown is greater soothing and heat, on an analogous time as the blue eyes are greater thrilling and popping. you need to head to college with blue touch lenses!! possibly change it up slightly. choose for a week in blue, and then activate your organic colour. It relies upon on your temper :D BTW- you're gorgeousss!! :) XxXxx -E

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    1 decade ago

    do what black people do; where light brown that looks almost gold. people who see you with blue, green or silver contacts are going to say. "Damn look at that asian chick with those bright *** contacts in her eyes" the silver will just make you look weird. stick to the super light brown, and sense your eyes are already dark brown it'll make it look as if your eyes have a black rim around them. trust me, its going to look pretty, they'll probably know its contacts but for those who dont know any better they'll say "wow, that asian girl has some very gorgous eyes"

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would go like a hazely green color and for prescription and non-prescription they will cost about the same 40-60$

  • 1 decade ago

    Not blue cause it wouldn't look right. Try a green or grey. They range from $15-hundreds.

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