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Force Reconnaissance falling under SOCOM rule?

Does anyone know when the decision of Marine Force Recon falling under SOCOM rule will be? I know it's going to be decided in 2010, but does anyone know when? And give a detailed opinion of what you personally think of MFR being in or out of SOCOM.

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    USMC commanders do NOT want Force Recon as a part of SOCOM. This is because they are a valuable asset to MEUs and USMC commanders and that's why they were never part of SOCOM in the first place. Being a small branch the USMC wants to keep all of it's assets. We already have MARSOC that can deal with SOCOM.

    Edit: It won't happen. Some of Force Recon are still staying with few force recon or diivision units that get attached to MEUs but will not become part of SOCOM. Other Force Recon personnel have transferred to MARSOC.

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    I didn't know they were considering moving Force recon to SOCOM.

    When MARSOC was started, they transferred most of Force Recon personal to MARSOC and deactivated the Force Recon units.

    Then after about two years, they decided to bring back Force recon and placed them in the two Recon battalions.

    So now 1st and 2nd Marine division have one Force Recon Company in their Division Recon Battalions.

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    They have MARSOC in SOCCOM right now. I doubt the Marines will want to totally give up their Force Recon teams to SOCCOM. The best comparision I can make is the Army did not give up its LRPS teams to SOCCOM even though the Army did give up the Rangers, Special Forces, and 160th SOAR.

    What I could see happening is Force Recon staying put but working a lot with MARSOC and other units in SOCCOM.

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