How is the Hindi postposition ने used?

I keep seeing it, but can't find a good source of info on it.

On a side note, if anyone knows the definition of प्राद्यौगिकीक, I'd love to know it. The internet refuses to help

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  • Kaul
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    The usage of ने construction needs a longer lecture. For now, try this thread

    or ask in that forum.

    प्राद्यौगिकीक is not a correct word. You must be looking for one of the following words:

    प्रौद्यौगिक (adjective) means industrial or technological

    प्रौद्यौगिकी (noun) industrial science, or technology

    Source(s): Native Hindi speaker.
  • omlick
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    1 decade ago

    This post position (called the nominative post position) follows the subject in a sentence under the following conditions:

    The tense is simple past (I did it), past perfect (I had done it) or present perfect (I have done it) AND the verb is Transitive. (there are a few exceptions though where some transitive verbs such as "laanaa" (to bring) never use ne).

    (A transitive verb is a verb that normally takes a direct object in the sentence.

    Examples of English transitive verbs, "to do", "to eat" "to hit"

    You have to do something, you have to eat something, you have to hit something, so there should be an object that feels he effect of the verb.

    no direct object verbs are Instransitive verbs (To go, to walk, to cry, to swim, to fall down, to fly)

    You need to get a good beginner's book in Hindi or go to the website "A Door into Hindi"

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