I need fake or real friend?

so i am in high school going into 10th grade nd my friends all have boyfriends n they think that they are all of that n try to make fun of me because i currently dont have one. N some of my friends talk behind my back and lie to me all the time. i have this one friend n she is always talking alot of crap behind peoples back and i wonder if she talks about me shes always so bold n outspoken. im scared to say anythin to her please help.

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  • 1 decade ago

    omg. u need real friends. what u have right now are fake.. if they are ur real friends then they won't make fun of u.. find other friends who will appreciate u more and won't judge u for who u are.. they prolly all talk crap about u. don't waste ur time with those people coz they won't help u but will put u down instead. they're not worth it if they don't really care about u..

    i have some friends who never had any boyfriend but i dont make fun of them i encourage them..

  • 1 decade ago

    i honestly believe that those kinda friends are fake if u noe they talk about ppl then they must tlk bout u . Also if they lie to u that means that they are not real friends and especially if they were ur friends they wouldn;t hurt u say u don;t have a bf!!! i honestly do believe they are fake n and i hope u can find better and real friends and not fakeass friends well good luck=)

    Source(s): experience
  • 1 decade ago

    you shouldn't feel ashamed about not having a boyfriend. there's nothing wrong with not having one. next time they make a joke of it say, so what? why do i need a boyfriend? see what they say to that...

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