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My cat has an anger management problem ?

My male cat was originally timid and harmless but the past couple years he's gotten vicious. For example everytime he wants to go outside if you don't let him out he throws a temper tantrum. He growls and hisses at whoever tries to touch him and he beats up my other cat. He also bites and scratches fiercely and draws blood. How do I prevent this behavior?


He's fixed.

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    Is he eating wet food? We had a persian who stuck around my old house who also let rip when you tried to pet her or touch her, turned out she had renal failure.

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    it sounds like he might have some pain issues so he's grouchy. maybe he has some digestive problems? give him a little bit of milk every day (not to much or he'll get diahrea)

    if that doesn't make him happy every time he gets fussy just pet him or use that time to give him the milk. Also he might be beating up the other cat because he's trying to prove he is dominant or something... Is he fixed? If so then i would suggest he might have some pain.

    If he is not fixed... He's just trying to be a tough big cat. You can just get him neutered but that would also make him fat haha. But he should be fine. Treat him like a prince :)

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