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Why has Gates tone changed over the arrest incident?

At first he was pretty pissed of angry; wanted to wring the officer through the courts of the law and public opinion; and was in no mood for humor over the situation.

Now, he is doing a 180. Has he explained his change of attitude?



"pissed off angry"

Update 2:

I too believe in moving on, still it was Gates who wanted to hang the man out to dry. Is he trying to erase his bulls eye target, while at the same time saying "never mind let's be friends"

Strange very strange.

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    What good does staying angry do? He went to the White House, he talked to Crowley, the incident is over, some good will come from it.

    Gates is dealing with it through humor which is a sensible way to get over ill feelings. He said that perhaps he should have been funnier at the time of the incident.

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    He realized he did more of a disservice to race relations. He realized he stirred the pot. He realized he might now sound like a hypocrite after all the lectures that he'd given and will give at Harvard. He realized, he too, was part of the problem. He realized the he may have acted "stupidly". He realized maybe he was just as racist as he was claiming the white cop to be.

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    He got to sit down and talk with the person he was angry with...

    they "cleared the air" so to speak. That doesn't mean either of them admitted they were wrong, they were just able to see and hear how the event played out from a different perspective.

    No, time has a way of removing emotion from a point of view. When you remove emotion things get easier to sort through.

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    Guys got pissed, they yelled, then they had a beer. Over and Done. When this same thing happens 10 times a night at almost every bar in America no one cares... so why care now?

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    Perhaps he realized that his reaction to Crowley was out of line, as was Crowley's reaction to Gates? Neither man acted well in this scenario and I am glad to see that the meeting between the two men and Obama yielded some results.

    Why is it strange that the men would like to put it behind them? When I say or do something I am not proud of, I like to make amends and move on.

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    Because when the media begins to stoke the fire and starts to investigate some of his teachings it will show his underlying disgust for the white man. Which would expose him to even further review. It would completely discredit him.

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    Unlike the haters in the Right Wing, he'd rather Move On

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    maybe he got the message that officer lasher, a black man, stated that gates was out of line. maybe other witnesses to the event stated that gates was out of line. maybe he now realizes that his tantrum was caught on audio tape.

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    Beer solves every problem

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    The beer changed everything. Now they are all buddies.

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